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Learning Spanish with Three Mobile

I was offered the chance to learn Spanish with Three Mobile, and I had no hesitation in saying “Sí!”

I have always wanted to learn another language and learning spanish is on my bucket list.

I was given an iTunes voucher to download some language apps to start learning Spanish. This is because Three mobile have added Spain to the list of destinations you can travel to and use your phone at no extra cost – sounds like a fab idea!  See more details on the Feel at Home page.

I was sent a fab Spanish pack with my voucher, a Spanish flag and a rough guide to Spain to plan my next trip. I’ve only been to Spain once so there’s loads of places I’d love to visit. It’s a great idea to be able to use your phone at no extra cost, especially to somewhere like Spain. There are 18 destinations you can also use your Three mobile phone including New Zealand.

So, how am I getting on?

I am actually really enjoying learning Spanish and using the app. My favourite is an app called duolingo and it is a lot of fun! The app is free to download but to get further you have to buy further sections. I like the interactive way you can learn with an app. The sessions are 10 minutes, so a nice bite size chunk which is easy to fit in around everything else I have to do in the day!

You pick the right word to match to the picture, complete sentences and have to repeat back via the microphone Spanish phrases. It’s amazing how quickly you can pick up words. I am amazing my family with phrases such as “I have an Apple” which is surely going to come in useful!

Another app I have tried is Mind snacks Spanish. This app uses a matching style game to help you learn Spanish words. It’s a lot of fun and something children would also find fun to play too.

Babbel is also an app I have used, this is also a great app using word matching and speaking into the microphone. It keeps you interested and engaged in learning a new language. It’s so easy to find a few minutes each day to complete a new section of the course.

Just having some idea of the vocabulary and some stock phrases is so useful. I am still struggling a bit on the grammar side of things but generally the apps help to identify what to say to get your message across.

Having the ability to use your phone for calls, text and data at no extra cost would have been a godsend when I went to Spain last year. Having YouTube or iplayer to hand would have been so handy with Nancy to keep her occupied. Also being able to send pictures to friends and family and keep in touch via Skype or Facebook would also be lovely.

The lovely people at Three have also put together this infographic to help plan your Spanish trips and make the most of your photos (and all that data you can use to send your pictures to your friends!)

How to #holidayspam in Spain like a boss
Use your phone abroad at no extra cost with Feel At Home on Three

Overall, I am loving thinking about Spain, talking Spanish and just getting into the holiday mood. Where do you like to go to in Spain? Do you have any tips? Let me know! 


2 thoughts on “Learning Spanish with Three Mobile”

  • It’s always good to have another language…I did 4! 2 up to O level and 2 to A level. May I suggest you get hold of an USBORNE book – First 1000 word in Spanish…my daughter found that very useful when learning. And your daughter will benefit too. Good luck with your learning! Muy bien!

  • We just attended a Lingotots session, which is a great way to learn a language along with your children.
    And oh my goodness I LOVE three’s feel at home scheme – one of the destinations is the U.S. and we found it so handy on our last trip.

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