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Last week…week 2


I seem to be racing ahead with my books this week, I have read three now this year, so doing very well! I finished Second Life by SJ Watson, a great read and the review will be on the blog very soon. It was a real page turner and full of tension, loved it.

The other book this week is Going Out in the Midday Sun by Kate Hardy which is the book I’ve been reading for the Bahlsen Book Club. I really enjoyed this book, set in the late 90s and about a group of people who’s lives intermingle by chance. It was easy to read and well written. Again full review up very soon!


This week has been very tiring. We lost Nancy’s dummy (or diddy as it’s known in these parts) on Monday, and ever since then we have been going cold turkey. She has actually coped really well, and we haven’t had many tears. Getting to sleep can be tricky though, with bedtimes going on for over 2 hours. It’s starting to settle a bit now.

She’s also starting to get interested in using the potty. At times she will refuse to wear her nappy, and we have had some successes using the potty too. I’m just taking my lead from her and making it a gradual process.


I’m feeling really good at the moment, very positive and happy in myself. It helps that Im fitting into clothes better, bought some nice clothes with Christmas money, and I’m taking the time to look after myself and my appearance better such as painting my nails, using my straighteners and wearing jewellery again.

I’m really pleased with how I’m doing with weight watchers, I’m focusing on veg, trying to eat fruit and/or veg with every meal. I’m happy counting my pro points again, i feel I have my mojo back and my self control. December was a total write off so I was glad I only put 4lb on over Christmas, and I managed to lose this last week. So I’m very pleased with myself ­čÖé

This is a short but sweet little update, a day late, but never mind! See you next week x

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