In Case There’s No Tomorrow

Every night I kiss your head

And watch you sleep

Imprint your image in my mind

Your memory, mine to keep

Have I done enough today

In case there’s no tomorrow

If my thoughts don’t turn to words

They’ll be ashes full of sorrow

To breathe, feel sun, feel rain on face

To love, to laugh to cry

To hug, to touch, to stroke your hair

To look into blue eyes

Memories we all do make

The present, only time

To be together; no bright screen

To shield your life from mine

I write things down for you to read

When you are old enough

But I want you to hear me say them too

Words seem so cold and tough

I can’t imagine leaving you-

A space empty in your heart

I hope for many, many years

Before we have to part

Emily Tealady 2014

26 thoughts on “In Case There’s No Tomorrow

  1. Maddy@writingbubble

    I think there’s something about watching a sleeping child that brings up so much emotion. This reflects such a lot of what I feel for my kids – wanting to do my best for them and wondering how on earth I can let them know how much I love them. ‘Imprint your image in my mind’ is exactly right. #prose4T

  2. Wicked World of Lucas

    I love watching Lucas sleep. From when he was a baby to now – I could watch him for hours. Their face takes on such a peaceful look. It’s an amazing feeling and this is such a lovely poem xx #prose4t

  3. Linda Greentree

    What a wonderful poem. It captures exactly how a Mum feels about their child. You have expressed it so beautifully. xx

  4. Kirsty Hijacked By Twins

    I can’t go to bed without going into the children’s rooms and saying “night night, love you, God bless” to all three of them. I love looking at them sleeping, they always look so peaceful. Beautiful words x #blogclub


    You have so beautifully captured the tenderness, joy and sorrow of all those perfect moments we have with our children. They won’t be with us forever….but at least we can experience them for a short while.

  6. Emily

    There’s no pain greater than a mother’s and it has little to do with giving birth! This is beautiful. Really true to the love and concerns of any mother. #Prose4T

  7. Verily Victoria Vocalises

    Totally beautiful. There is something so vulnerable about a child sleeping. I think that this is one of my very favourites of yours. I still check on Grace every night! Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x


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