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How to get ready and out of the house on time with a baby

I have developed a strategy for getting out of the house with the baby, and getting to places on time(ish). You may find this useful.

How To Get Out Of The House With A Baby

7am. Baby wakes. Lie in bed pretending to be asleep hoping other half will go and sort baby out.

7:02am. Get out of bed, and see to baby. Go downstairs and put kettle on.

7:05. Turn on cbeebies. Sit on Sofa and drink tea with glazed expression.

7:25 Read various books, make animals sounds and sing along to cloud babies.

7:30 Make another cup of tea, with slightly less glazed expression. Watch Postman Pat and wonder why Mrs Goggins needs a set of bagpipes.

7:45 Give baby breakfast and choose some lovely clothes for them to wear. Maybe a pretty dress or an expensive outfit. Spend lots of time making baby look gorgeous.

8:45 Hear Tweenies theme tune and panic that you’re late.

8:47 Baby is sick. Change baby into leggings, a T-shirt and yesterday’s socks.

8:47 Run up stairs, wipe face with wet wipe. Put deodorant on and use dry shampoo. Wear yesterday’s clothes. Use a wet wipe to clean the handprints from your knees.

8:50 Grab a handful of clean washing from the dining room table. Stuff the clothes, a cup, biscuit, nappy and wet wipes into changing bag.

8:52 Crawl around on living room floor to find phone, purse and house keys.

8:55 Wrestle with baby to attach shoes. Repeat twice. Add coat and zip.

8:58 Grab handbag, changing bag, baby and buggy. And sanity.

9:00 Merrily skip down the road before remembering that you didn’t actually need to go anywhere.


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