Hold out your arms

Hold out your arms
And I will come
A Warm embrace
To soothe and calm

Tears down your fiery face
You look at me
Hope and optimism
That I can set you free

You squeeze and scratch
You scream and wail
Wriggle and writhe
Red, hot and pale

Yet you hold out your arms
You want some release
You want me to fix
You need some peace

I can’t always make better
These things in life
But my arms are always open
To calm and soothe you in the night

6 thoughts on “Hold out your arms

  1. oddlyactive

    When my son was little he suffered from a bowel disorder that often meant he was sick at night. Calming him after each bout was exhausting – especially if he was ill two or three times in the same night – but hugely rewarding too. Some nights I’d run out of clean bedding and he would end up in bed with me. It was always a double edged sword in case he was sick AGAIN, but it was kind of nice too… [#Prose4T]


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