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Goodbye Granny Pants

When I was pregnant and I was told that I had to buy some massive pants for after the birth, I was half amazed and half disgusted that I had to buy some Granny Pants. 

They looked bloody HUGE.

I couldn’t find any to start with. I just needed some non fancy everyday kind of granny pants. I didn’t even think I’d wear them. In the end I went to BHS and bought about 5 in varying dark colours. One thing I noticed about pregnancy was that every book I read and everyone I spoke to talked in hushed tones about wearing dark clothes and using dark towels and dark granny pants. I couldn’t imagine wearing them at all.  In BHS, I hunched my shoulders, trying to shield my face in case anyone I knew saw me in BHS and then, buying Granny Pants. It was an ordeal. 

2.5 years later…..

I am wearing the same granny pants. The granny pants moved in and they never moved out. I found the Granny Pants to be quite comfy, actually. Reassuringly secure, if you will. They held everything that was starting to flop down quite well. They also hid the bushy nightmare that was my bikini line.


But I am 32 years old, not 92. I really should wear some non Granny Pants for a bit, right? Something that may make me feel a little more Giselle rather than Granny. I realised one day that I had given up on my pants. I had become accustomed to pants that came up to my belly button. They didn’t exactly make my VPL look any better. Skinny jeans and Granny Pants is probably not such a good idea, in retrospect.

So I set off to look for some sparkly new pants. I felt excitement as I entered M&S (yes, I could’ve picked a sexier shop, but you know, I’m starting off gently). 

As I walked into the lingerie department, I looked around at all the pants. Loads of pants. 

And I got immediately confused.

So. Many. Pants.

What the hell was a Brazilian pair of pants? Why were these pants made of what looked like spandex? I picked up a thong, which looked menacingly floss-like. They were the same size as my daughters pants. 

My head swirled with lurid pink, and black lace and little white bows. 

Shorts, high leg, bikini, Brazilian, no VPL, short leg, French knickers, high waisted, midi, waist cincher, thong….the words meant nothing to me. 

How do you even know what knickers to wear anyway?! 

I just wanted some nice pants. Pants I could just wear and not feel like I had a piece of string up my bum.

In the end I just picked a pair that looked like it covered at least 65% of my bum. Brazilian. That’d have to do. 

I purchased my new pants and felt a nervous anticipation about wearing them. 

The next day, I examined my pants. I seemed to have picked up a pair of pants that looked like they were the wrong way round. My derrière was barely covered by a lacy back and the front was just as bad.  

I realised I needed to sort out the lady garden area pretty nifty too. A VPL was the least of my worries, at the moment I had a VBL (visible bushy leg).

But, they looked nice at least. If I breathed in. So I wore them. I spent half the day scratching my bum due to the lace and the other half trying to sit down without getting a wedgie. 

Does that happen to everyone, I wonder?

Thing is, putting on my Granny pants, I feel comfort and minimal effort is needed to just throw them on. Maybe they’re not so bad after all…..

24 thoughts on “Goodbye Granny Pants”

  • YES! I’ve been wearing granny pants for 4 years. 4 long, comfortable years. All the new styles and names confused the hell out of me when I was practically marched in to m&s to buy more age appropriate pants. I found some that were colourful, sexy, stretched over my expansive arse and were actually comfortable. But can I remember what style they were? Nope. So it’s back to granny pants on wash days.

  • Oh god I’m dying here! We all do it don’t we? I’ve been wearing mine since pregnant with Tia, so four fours now! I’m on a get slimmer mission currently, and new knickers and bras will happen when I’m happier with myself. I’ve never heard of brazillian either *laughs * but they sound very uncomfortable so I’ll give them a miss I think. I used to be a thong girl.

  • I’ve only EVER worn granny pants! Even pre-kids! I’ve never owned a g-string. Most of my pants are M&S midi ones. They come in a pack of five. And never with a matching bra. What does this say about me?!

  • Oh yes! I can so relate to this! I was horrified when I bought my first lot of granny pants right before my eldest daughter was born. I looked at the sheer size of them in disgust and swore to get rid of them as soon as possible. 2 months shy of 5 years later and I’m still wearing them! I mean, okay, they’re ugly, they’re hardly age appropriate, but they’re oh so comfy! Thanks to my c-section ‘shelf’ I don’t like pants that sit too low otherwise it gets uncomfortable. Granny pants do take it a bit far but I’m honestly loathed to spend a small fortune trying different pants styles lol. Plus, the granny pants actually work really well while I’m at work. I’m a personal trainer and they’re *great* for teaching spin in… they don’t go up anywhere! lol

    • Ooh that’s a good tip, if I ever brave spin class! I must say, nothing beats a pair of granny pants for comfort. If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right x thanks for commenting! X

  • You can’t beat a pair of granny pants!! So, so comfortable. Brazilian’s are a no no. I picked up a pair by mistake in M&S and ended up pulling them down every five minutes. In the bin, they went! High leg, full coverage is what works for me now. The granny pants come out for special occasions, now and again (they’re actually perfect for running in).

  • Oh wow… yeah I had my first over 10 years ago now… I love my granny pants (they’re not that old mind, lol!). They’re comfy and I don’t need to worry about a bum crack showing if I bend over!

    Someone on a FB group I’m in was reading that book by Mari Kondo, the art of tidying? She’s recently had a baby and is in granny pants and can’t possibly look at them and feel joy (the whole deal behind the book is to get rid of anything that doesn’t make you feel joy)… I figure, they may not make me feel joyful when I see them, but they’re the comfiest pants I own, so that’s good enough for me! 😉

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