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Fighting the Tide

Fighting the Tide


You were mine for nine months

warm, and calm in the dark

sharing kicks and hics

you share my blood; our hearts beat together


It started when you were born

A stranger held you first

blue and purple as you were

love for you from every corner


Photo flash, fingers and faces

hugging and holding from hundreds of hands

a piece of my heart beating alone

a paper boat floating out to sea


I feel I have lost you a little


You are everything to everyone

the moon, the stars, the sun

words fall at me from every direction

wishes of looking and liking like them


Ideas and hopes and dreams

drifting out to sea

drowning and losing the way

trying to swim against the tide


lucky girl with so much love in her heart

make sure there is enough in there for me


Emily Tealady 2013

Prose for Thought

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