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Dear Baby 

Sorry baby, we haven’t meant to totally ignore you for the past 7 months…..

Dear Baby

I’m sorry you’ve taken a back seat 

I’m sorry I’ve sort of forgot 

I’m sorry you’re soon to be wearing castoffs 

And sleeping in a second hand cot 

I haven’t bought any nappies 

I really am quite far behind 

I haven’t even thought of your name 

I really am losing my mind

I’ve been quite frankly knackered 

And life’s just so busy and fast 

It’s not that you are not wanted 

At bedtime your sisters a pain in the….bum 

I’m not sure how we will do it 

But they say you should just slot in

Whatever you do, I’ll have my back up

Of chocolate and a bottle of gin 

We are excited to meet you

Just a quiet excited you see 

So please let me get a bit of sleep

And maybe one cup a day of hot tea 

2 thoughts on “Dear Baby ”

  • Number two is strange isn’t it? Also you have had a difficult year Emily and you have done so well through it all. I am so excited for this new chapter for you.. and ahem yes they just slot in..sure they do. x

  • I felt a lot like this until recently. I have been making a huge effort to put aside time to think about baby and buy her the odd charity shop dress but she still has hand me downs of everything and I am sure she won’t even notice! 🙂 second babies are a strange thing but we love them just as much….like you say just a quiet busy kind of love xx

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