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Crayon craziness

Crayons crayons crayons!
You are so colourful and stubby
You are just the right size for me
With hands so small and chubby

The paper is so crisp and white
It’s just right to have a scribble
Black, brown and blue I love them all
I can’t help but have a nibble

The waxy stubs of colourful glee
I just can’t wait to start
Round and round and round I go
Completing my next work of art

My mum she swoons and cheers
When I put crayon to paper
Has she never seen a squiggle before?
She must love the things I make her

Colours fill my every thought
When can I next get hold of wax
I want to hold every crayon I own
And then colour to the max

That’s right I’m crayon crazy
I just need them in my life
When I wake up it’s time to go
And crayon will all my might

I wonder if the magnolia walls
Could do with a bit more colour
As I start my masterpiece
-hold on, what’s the matter with mother?

Some people don’t appreciate
These great works of art
One day I’ll be in the gallery
On Cbeebies for a start

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