Crane – Prose for thought


Domineering over skyline
Cold and grey
Like the water below
Watching, waiting
Seeing the world past by
A world you no longer know

Heavy weight,
You can lift and move
Those crates from further shores
You sit and wait for action
But there’s no action anymore

So you are there,
Watching, waiting, wondering
A reminder of the past
Cool and grey and heavy
You were built to last

I sometimes wish I were that strong
To take the strain of all this weight
Patient, powerful, pensive
What will become of both our fates?

Emily Tealady 2013


7 thoughts on “Crane – Prose for thought

  1. stephaniearsoska

    Oh what an interesting topic for a poem. I once saw a programme about people who worked in cranes. Said they saw all sorts of weird things being so high. People didn’t think to worry about needing their curtains shut!

  2. dragonsflypoppy

    What a great poem I love how you’ve taken the subject matter and made it something to envy. I also love the sense of timelessness about them. Fab :)) It’s nice to be back reading the prose this week – I’m rather worried mine is terribly rusty!!


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