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Confidence Clothes and Hair

So, here is another Confidence Clothes post! This is my irregular series where I tell you all about the clothes I buy that I have bought to give me confidence. They are clothes I used to put back; clothes I used to think “I’ll never look good in that”, they are the clothes that I wear because they are ME, they are who I am, and I am reclaiming the right to wear clothes you want to. When you buy these clohes, and wear them, you realise that you don’t look terrible, you look great, you feel great and it just makes you feel so much better about yourself.

So this time I have been looking at dresses. I love dresses, but they don’t always like me. A sack of spuds spring to mind. Dresses can be too tight, too clingy or just not suiting my slightly rotund shape. However, with the right dress, I look lovely, I feel lovely and a dress is always nice to wear for an occasion.

I am really pleased with this find. I managed to buy this on ebay for £8 including postage. It is a gorgeous green colour, and it look fabulous on me. I am thrilled with it, and I am very pleased with it, it was my first ebay purchase so I was a bit nervous, but it has turned out lovely.


This is another dress I have bought from ebay (yes, I got the bug!) This one is pink with ice cream cone pattern. I like this dress, but I need a better bra to wear it, need to make the most of what I have got haha! It’s a fab dress though, and look quirky and different – yes, that’s is indeed how I want to look.


As well as clothes, I have been trying to sort out my hair. My hair hasn’t been cut for almost a year. I have been literally putting my hair up, and leaving it up, for days. I haven’t even been brushing my hair. This had to change. I needed to sort my hair out. As with most beauty related questions of mine, I turned to my little sister Lydia to help me out. She got me some sleep-in curlers for my birthday, but I couldnt really put them in with my birds nest hair.

So, we went to the shops and bought a few things that may help sort my hair out. First, hair dye. I used John Frieda Medium Brown as I love the colour. I had it put on last year and it looked great. John Frieda also do a daily leave in-conditioner that you spray into your hair. It has worked wonders. After I have wasked my hair, and it is still damp, I spray this on and it is literally a miracle.

I also bought myself a new brush and comb, to help keep my locks looking lush. Having nice hair is so important when you want to feel your best. I am having that long overdue hair cut tomorrow as well! I tried out the sleep in rollers and my hair looked gorgeous when I took them out. I am definitely going to do that again.


What confidence clothes have you bought lately? What hair tips or advice have you got? I’d love to know!


By the way I am not sponsored by John Frieda – I bought everything mentioned here myself – it is just a coincidence that these things I bought were by that particular company! – there are loads out there so take a look and get one for yourself!

13 thoughts on “Confidence Clothes and Hair”

  • I LOVE this post! I adore both dresses and I totally agree about the hair thing. It’s. Your crown and the first thing people see when you meet. I love the look of the sleep in rollers, I have been eyeing them up for ages! X

  • Great post, I know the feeling, am just writing a post myself about my wardrobe being drab and rubbish.
    I just bit the bullet and dyed my hair for the first time, to cover the greys. I used a Naturatint colour and it worked brilliantly. I feel much better now and a bit less frumpy!

  • I desperately need a wardrobe overhaul but I have some go to pieces to cheer me up – dresses and boots. I’m loving autumn as it gives me loads of chances to wear these. As for hair, I recently went short after years of just tying it in a top knot and doing nothing else with it. It was the change I needed ­čÖé Loving the green dress too!

    • Thank you! Yes I think having a change makes you feel so much better. If you have to to pieces you know you’ll feel good in, it makes all the difference. Boots are also on my shopping list!

  • I LOVE that pink dress! Awesome. I really need some new clothes but am four months post baby so maternity stuff is too big and old stuff too tight. See,ms crazy to spend too much though when I am hoping to be a bit smaller soon. Perhaps I should check out e-bay though, it hadn’t occurred to me x

    • This is what I was thinking! I have been getting things in charity shops and eBay to tide me over. Now bubs is 9 months old, I am going to start losing weight seriously, so no point buying anything too expensive! eBay is great, easy to use and I have only had good experiences so far! I also sold all my maternity clothes on there so I could buy some new things! X

  • Good underwear gives me confidence. I realised this when I went to have a bra properly fitted after giving up breastfeeding. As soon as my boobs were properly restrained and pointing upwards everyone started commenting on how much weight I’d lost! From that point on I decided it was a good bra and matching knickers every day!.

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