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Christmas Presents From The Past: Guest Post from Mummy K

I am so pleased to have yet another guest post for my Christmas Presents From the Past series. Today, I welcome Mummy K who blogs at Time Waits for No Mum. She shares with us her Christmas wishes from the past:

“We went shopping to Toys R Us this weekend with 13 month old Tibbons and I was transported back to my childhood when my dad would take me and my brother to Toys R Us in the run up to birthdays or Christmas. Back then the store seemed a world of possibilities – some more ambitious than others. And now that I think about it, I never did get the presents that made my face light up with glee in the store.

This weekend I was reminded of one of those in particular: a go kart. I love cars and it seems this is a passion I’ve had for very many years. I can remember being very little and wanting the red and yellow Little Tikes car that everyone else seemed to have. Alas, it was not to be. But my hankering for that little car morphed and grew as I did so that next I wanted one of those battery powered ride on cars, though I knew they were out of my league. Then, aged about 10, I struck upon go-kart gold in Toys R Us. I knew the price tag was approaching the top end of what my Dad spent on us for birthdays or Christmas, but our repeated visits to that part of the store fanned the flames that had been lit within me and I dared to dream.

Would I wake up with a go kart on Christmas day? Would it be shiny and red, just like I wanted?

Perhaps my dad was a generous one afterall, perhaps he did understand me and knew how I would cherish that go kart – riding it up and down our close for real, instead of just in my mind. For a couple of years I dared to dream as Christmas came around, only for the 25th to come and go with no sign of the frankly massive parcel that would be needed to contain a go kart.

In time, I outgrew the desire for a go kart and moved on to other things, some of which I actually got (including a real car, but not for Christmas).

I thought I had left that dream present far behind me. But there we were, in Toys R Us this weekend, and there they were – the ride on cars and the go karts! My face aglow, before I knew what I was doing I had installed Tibbons in the miniature mini cooper – for just a moment, my excitement was reflected back at me and we shared a passion. Then he spotted the slightly more slick black Mercedes 4×4 and wanted to try that for size, so we moved on, and again, for a moment, he looked thrilled. Then he looked like he wanted to be back with mummy.

The thing is, even though he’s too young for them yet (and certainly too young for a go kart or I would happily have been showing him those), I really, really, really wanted to buy one of them for Tibbons. Then I realised, when his grin faded and he made it clear that he prefers sitting on mummy to sitting in a plastic car, that what I really wanted was to fulfil the dreams of the girl who didn’t get her dream present all those years ago!

Don’t feel too sorry for me though – I imagine that the presents of Christmases past are a bit like regrets and if you only ever regret the things you don’t do, it’s only the presents you didn’t get that retain iconic status!”

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Thank you Mummy K.

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