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Things you may want to know about Being Induced

Being induced is something that no-one wants but many of us pregnant first timers end up going overdue and needing to be induced. To be honest, no-one talked to me about being induced very much and the most information I got was from a leaflet […]

Money matters: money saving during Maternity leave

I recently took part in a tots100 twitter chat about money-saving. I realised throughout the conversation that I had quite a few money saving tips. This is something I am particularly conscious about during my maternity leave; the longer I am off, the less money […]

Overdue and Overasked!

Well, I am now 10 days overdue! What on earth is that about? I was prepared to go over my due date but to be honest I feel 10 days is taking the piss slightly. I have had a pretty trouble free pregnancy, and health […]

Drinks in Pregnancy – Pregnancy Tips

 Drinks in Pregnancy Alcohol Not that I’m an alcoholic but it was a little difficult to adjust initially to the sober lifestyle. My midwife advised me that current guidelines state that 1-2 units of alcohol per week is OK but then I had read other […]

What to Wear When You’re Expecting: My Tips

  Pregnancy Tips As I reach the end of my pregnancy I have been considering what wisdom I can pass onto others. When I think about it, it’s quite difficult to think of what advice I would give other pregnant women; everyone is different and […]

Gender Agenda: The Gender Issue in Pregnancy

Pregnancy isn’t a time you may think about gender issues but it appears that from the moment of conception there is one question that everybody seems to want to know – what sex is it? is it a boy or a girl? Finding out the […]

Losing My Identity?

One thing I am rather concerned about is losing my identity as a person, once Ive had the baby. I suspect if anyone is reading this who has had a baby, will be laughing at that statement right now. As things draw nearer to the […]

Sneaking Up on You

Pregnancy. It sort of sneaks up on you,you know. One minute you’re feeling naseous and wondering why you have a really, really bad 3 day hangover and the next you find out you’re up the duff. You then spend the next 8 or more weeks […]