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Learning to let go: Prioritising Yourself

Letting go is hard to do…..but it’s the right thing to do                                   Let Go of Work I left work last week to start my maternity leave. I found […]

The Dance Class: A Parent’s Reality

The realities of taking a 3 year old to Dance Classes….. Last year I thought it was a great idea to sign Nancy up to dance lessons. It was one of those thoughts, where you think ‘it’s probably time I left the house and started […]


There are many posts that I have written over the past few months, that I never published. Since October, life got pretty shit. I was diagnosed with depression, my Dad died and well, it was awful. This post was written in October 2015. These were […]

I don’t want to stop living because my dad is dying

When I was at work the other day, I was talking about starting to go to the gym. Someone remarked that perhaps I shouldn’t be doing that right now, because, well, you know. What they meant by you know, was that my dad is dying. […]

My Spa Day Experience – The Salt Scrub

I had never attended a spa day before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. This weekend I was on a spa day as it was for my sisters’ birthday.  Paper knickers, foil and chanting monks…..see what happened when I went for a Salt Glow […]

Reasons Not To Go To Bed – Toddler vs. Mum

 Toddler: It’s already morning (it’s not) Need a drink without water  Need to read the zoo book Need to go downstairs Need to sing ‘Old McDonald Had a Farm’ Legs sore Thumbs sore Upsy Daisy needs to go downstairs   Need to eat my toast […]

Britmums Live 2014

Do you know what I like most about Christmas? I like the build up, the excitement beforehand. I like the christmas parties and the good feeling and happy atmosphere that is generally around the place. But when Christmas Day arrives, it’s fun, it’s lovely of […]


Screaming. Screaming high pitched and over and over again. She’s not upset. When I walk up the stairs she has a great big smile on her face. She’s challenging me. I am trying my best to ignore. I don’t want to make it a game. […]


A new house to call our own. My first house I have ever bought. If I think too much about it then I may panic slightly. I am sad to leave this rented house. It has been a good house, full of lovely memories. It’s […]

Baby Says What? Baby’s first words and communication

Communication is amazing, isn’t it. Being able to express yourself, and also understand others is pretty immense. Seeing Bubs working out language is fascinating if also a little terrifying. One day last week, I was withering on to her whilst she had her dinner. I […]