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What They Don’t Tell You About Breastfeeding, Jamie Oliver

Breastfeeding has become less about the feeding. It’s lost sight of what it actually is: a way to feed your child. It is a physiological event that occurs in the mother.  For the child. Obviously it’s the natural way to feed your child.  But that […]

Why vouchers aren’t the way forward for encouraging breastfeeding

So, after feminism, it’s time to talk boobies. Yes, there appears to be a trial in the North where mothers are being paid as an incentive to breastfeed. Hearing this news angered me somewhat. It also made me feel pretty sad. How can something such […]

Bottle It Up: My Feelings about Formula Feeding

  Formula Feeding and my feelings towards it….OK, so maybe this is not the post to write during national breastfeeding week….or is it? I know this subject is a contentious issue, but this is my experience of what happened once I had to start formula […]

Simply The Breast: Breastfeeding Difficulties and Me

It has been nearly 3 weeks since I had Nancy and it already a lot has happened that I want to blog about. The birth was a blog post all in itself, and I will write that when I can bear to think about it […]