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Baby 8-16 weeks

Small Steps Amazing Achievements

Small Steps, Amazing Achievements This week, we have had a great step forward – Bubs has started to sit up on her own! She can manage a few good minutes before she topples over, but she seems to enjoy the falling over as much as […]

Small Steps Amazing Achievements

Small Steps, Amazing Achievements I have a few little things to share with you this week! This week, Bubs has been really comfortable being on her front, and has started to try to wriggle herself about.  She will spend much longer on her front when […]

Baby Play 3-6 months: What We Do

As Bubs gets bigger, and stays awake longer, and becomes more inquisitive about the world around her, the need to play is starting to grow. In my previous post, I talked about how we were playing with her as a newborn baby, and as she […]

Out and About with a Baby Series – 1. Finding The Perfect Buggy

Now that Bubs is almost 4 months old, I am starting to venture out a bit more. This has meant I have had to start thinking about what I am doing, where I am going, and what I will need whilst I am out of […]

Going To A Group For the First Time: Baby Massage

As you may be aware, I was rather nervous about going to a group because I am a bit quiet and get nervous talking to new people (you can read my post about this here). I signed up to Baby Massage one day, one of […]

Best Practice in Parenting

Now when I was pregnant I had all good intentions on reading up on methods, and styles, and ways of parenting. I bought Gina Ford and Baby Whisperer. But they’re both still gathering dust on the shelf, never opened. I personally ended up doing a […]

Should you scare the life out of your pregnant friends about childbirth and parenting?

  I went to see a friend yesterday who is halfway through her pregnancy. I hadn’t seen her since I have had Bubs and so this was the first chance I had got to introduce her to Bubs and to chat about things to her. […]

Baby Play at 0-3 Months: What we do

When I was pregnant I didn’t think about playing with Nancy as a baby. I wasn’t expecting too much from her until she was a few more months old to be honest. What I have realised though is that babies like to play from the […]

10 Things I have learnt in 10 Weeks

Since having the Bubs 10 weeks ago, I thought I would share some of the things I feel I have learnt over this period of time: 1. What did I do without Muslin Cloths? and where do they go? the same place as odd socks? […]

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