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Secrets of the Tower by Debbie Rix Book Review

I love a historical fiction novel, I am a big fan of Kate Mosse so was really looking forward to this book, set in Pisa and spanning the centuries. I reviewed an ebook copy via Netgalley Here’s the Blurb: Two women, centuries apart, bound together […]

Storytelling Challenge

It’s National Tell a Story Day! I was challenged to write a children’s story with the help of another blogger’s prompts by Room To Grow. My prompts were: Character: A wise old owl Setting: A quiet forest Object: A lost teddy bear So here’s my […]

Short Thoughts 8/3/15

Occasional Insights into my Brain…¬† Short Shorts and tights combo is not a look I want to replicate 90s is now considered “vintage” – I wish I’d kept my cullottes and a pair of kickers shoes now And how old does that make you feel […]

Short Thoughts 5/3/15

Occasional Insights Into my Brain Hot chocolate makes a terrible mess and looks horrifying at 2am when your child’s just been sick.  Maybe stick to clear fluids after 6pm. I can go a week without a takeaway and diet coke and I feel soooo much […]

Short Thoughts 10/2/15

Today I am going to try and be less angry, and eat less chocolate. I need to think of chocolate as poison. Evil poison. I mustn’t let silly little things get to me so much. My other half put the washing on yesterday but left […]

Short thoughts 5/2/14

Almost daily insights into my brain….. I found out today what Beyonc√© was warbling about when she was talking about drinking watermelon. Urgh. Yesterday I realised I hadn’t got dressed, washed or brushed my teeth today. At about 6pm. Nice. I feel like I meet […]

Short thoughts 1/2/15

Almost daily insights into my mind…. Last night went well other than Bubs falling asleep, rolling out of her bed and then falling asleep underneath it. Gave us a bit of a shock when we couldn’t find her… I thought I’d try myfitnesspal yesterday. I […]

Short Thoughts

I cant find the time to blog, so now I’m going to try writing these short thoughts for you. An insight into my mind. Today I have been wondering about my job, and where it’s going. I’ve been eating a lot of chocolate. I can’t […]

Last week…week 2

Books I seem to be racing ahead with my books this week, I have read three now this year, so doing very well! I finished Second Life by SJ Watson, a great read and the review will be on the blog very soon. It was […]

Last week – Week 1

What’s been happening in Tealady land this past week…. Books This last week I have been reading lots! Over Christmas I was keen to read a few books and I managed to get quite a few read. Last week I finished Ajax Penumbra 1969 which […]