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Weight Loss

Thinking Slimmer, Sacking Sugar #slimpod

As long term readers are aware, I have been on a mission to lose weight for just over a year now. I wrote this post about how I felt at the time, and in a  year I have lost 16 pounds. Not as much as […]

Mindful Eating with #LVLoveLife

Mindful Eating is something that I have heard a lot about recently. When LV offered me the chance to try mindful eating, by using a Spiralizer to make healthy, interesting meals, I thought I’d give it a go.  Mindful eating is the habit of actually […]

Diet Bore #7

Opps! Firstly apologies that I haven’t posted in a few weeks, or maybe it’s even a month. The end of march/start of April was hideous for me as I was ill for two weeks and fit to do nothing. I put on 1.5lbs in this […]

Peanut Hottie Recipe – Peanut Banana Oaty Muffins [low syn slimming world]

I was asked recently if I would like to try and do something creative in the kitchen with Peanut Hottie. I have had a lot of fun trying Peanut Hottie and seeing what you can cook with it! I had never thought of cooking with […]

Diet Bore #6

So, this week at slimming world!  How did I do.  This is week 3 at slimming world:        Yes, I have lost another 1lb. Yes, I am a little bit disappointed. But I am also a little bit happy, actually. I had a Mothers’ […]

Diet Bore #5

So, week 5 of Diet Bore, and my second weigh in with Slimming World. What was the result?  I can’t say that I wasn’t a little disappointed with a 1lb loss. Could be to do with a number of reasons. I struggled a bit the […]

Diet Bore #4

So, week one on Slimming World, what did I do?  Woohoo! I can lose weight, huh. I had a really good week and I had a good loss to show for it. It has really helped that my sister has been doing it with me […]

Diet Bore #3

Ok, so I have been a little quiet on the diet bore front. However, things are picking up now I’ve gone and joined Slimming World again.  As I mentioned previously, my weight was plateauing and whilst I lost a good stone on weight watchers I […]

Diet Bore #2

This week, I put on 0.6lbs. Not a lot. Still, it’s a gain. I have to sort my shit out. I can not go backwards. This week has been mixed; stress at work on Monday meant that I ate a lot of chocolate. I vowed […]

Diet Bore #1

Boring weekly diet ramblings So, this is the first update of my healthy eating/diet of 2015. If you haven’t been read before, I started to lose weight in July 2014. It has been a slow slog, but I have lost over a stone, and I […]