thoughts and things



Have you ever lost a ticket, a receipt? Something you really wanted to keep Have you ever held it so tight That you thought you’d never lose it But then it gets so familiar  That feel between your fingers  you don’t realise it’s not there? […]

Stress eating – a poem

Costa Skinny Latte and a Full fat Muffin A fruity flapjack fits the Bill and I’m not bluffing a diet coke or two and a rich tea if it is there by the time the birthday cakes arrived I’m starting not to care you have […]


I have held many hands. Hands rough with work and wear Hands soft and smooth Hands that have cared. Hands that are shaking Hands that earthquake tremor Hands that wipe away tears Hands that cannot remember Hands that feel no more Hands grasping for answers […]

You Were Mine for Nine Months

You were mine for 9 months. No-one else knew you, but I did. Now you will never only be mine again. You are being stolen from me in front of my eyes. You have their blood, but I do not You breathe their lives, into […]

Swallow the Sadness

I have to tell people they are dying. Do you know how that feels? to see the life drain away from them the moment the words fall from my lips like poison   I have to tell people they will not get better that there […]

Crayon craziness

Crayons crayons crayons! You are so colourful and stubby You are just the right size for me With hands so small and chubby The paper is so crisp and white It’s just right to have a scribble Black, brown and blue I love them all […]


All alone You wait A white room No friendly face You want to leave this place. Hope glimmers faint Unseen or heard Promises made Broken Mistrusting of the word Home Where is home There with your wife If you can’t be with her What is […]

You mean the world to me

I don’t write down the words you say I can’t remember what you did yesterday I don’t have a lock of hair stashed away Yet you mean the world to me I may not measure every inch you grow Or have kept every one of […]

Mealtime Fun

When you don’t eat And throw your food Some people think It’s rather rude You point demand the biscuit tin -But hold on we’re yet to start Eat a few veggies, potatoes or peas Don’t just sit there, and rip it apart I wrack my […]

Things I wish I’d never bought

A rocking chair A baby bath A ball with an annoying laugh A baby bouncer Long sleeved vests Velcro bibs don’t stand the test A bouncy chair you didn’t like That ceiling projector went off in the night You didn’t sit in the bumbo for […]