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Why I love Christmas and don’t care it’s November¬†

Christmas isn’t just for Christmas….. I used to be one of those people. Thinking it was too soon. (I’ve always loved playing christmas music in my car by mid-November though). However I’ve had a change of heart. I love christmas. I love the run up […]

Christmas Presents From The Past: Guest Post from The Blonde Galaxy

Welcome to my very last post in my Christmas Presents from the Past series. Thank you for everyone joining in. Today it’s Georgie over at The Blonde Galaxy who’s telling us all about aspects Present from her childhood: Hello readers of Tealady Mumbles, I am […]

Money and Christmas: Memories and Resolutions

My parents were never very good with money, and throughout my life they have been in some serious debt. An overdraft was something that was normal, my dad having a wallet full of credit cards was normal. I knew from an early age that they […]

Christmas Presents From The Past: Guest Post from Mummy K

I am so pleased to have yet another guest post for my Christmas Presents From the Past series. Today, I welcome Mummy K who blogs at Time Waits for No Mum. She shares with us her Christmas wishes from the past: “We went shopping to […]

Christmas Presents From The Past: Guest Post from Tiasmum12

I am so pleased to have my lovely friend Kelly¬† guest posting for my Christmas Presents from The Past. So without further ado, here is Kelly and her Christmas List Memories: What did I want most for Christmas as a young girl? Well that would […]

Christmas Cheer the Non-Alcohol Way

Whether you are pregnant or abstaining from alcohol for whatever reason, at Christmas you want to have some drinks that are out of the ordinary, special and above all, taste blooming gorgeous. I’ve put together a top five of non alcohol drinks that are just […]

Christmas Presents From The Past: Dad’s Diary Guest Post

Welcome to another instalment of Christmas Presents a From The Past. This week, I have a guest post by Harry from Dad’s Diary about his childhood Christmas Lists. So what was on his Christmas list? I do love childrens’ Christmas lists, and mine was no […]

Egg Box Christmas Decorations Easy Christmas Craft

As you may be aware, being crafty (as in making pretty things with my own hands) does not come naturally to me. However, Christmas is a time to try and make things, and I think it makes things all the more nicer to have homemade […]

Christmas Presents From The Past

Some Christmas presents are made to last. They mean so much, or perhaps remind us of the person who gave us the present, or have a special meaning. Christmas is a special time, so it is no surprise that the presents we receive at this […]

Top 10 Alternative Christmas Songs

Oh yes, it’s that time of year again! I LOVE Christmas, as you may be able to tell. It evokes such good memories for me. It’s a time of happiness, cheer, a little bit of alcohol and a lot of fun and laughter! I’ve decided […]