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My Spa Day Experience – The Salt Scrub

I had never attended a spa day before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. This weekend I was on a spa day as it was for my sisters’ birthday.  Paper knickers, foil and chanting monks…..see what happened when I went for a Salt Glow […]

Plus Size for Beginners

If you’re new to Plus-Size, or just wondered what was within the flowery section at the back of the shop with this name, then this very much tongue-in-cheek guide is for you. 1. The plus-size department is seperated from the ‘normal’ clothes, usually at the […]

8 truths about nursery

For anyone not aquainted with a nursery, these 8 truths may help you to fit right in when your child starts…. 1. You can never just ‘drop off’ your child….it takes at least 10 minutes and even then you have to crowbar your child off […]

Questions I often ask myself now that I’m a Mum

Questions that go around and around in my head now that I’m a Mum. Can you add any to the list? Let me know!  How long can I leave her staring at that stranger sitting behind us before it gets uncomfortable?  Can they tell that […]

Things I like to do now that I didn’t like to do before I had a baby (and turned 30)

I’m not saying they’re connected but I’ve noticed recently there are a number of things that I like to do now that I’d never have considered before. Now it’s either because a) I’m now 31 and starting to become an old fart b) this has […]

Mum in the Club

I’m a Mum in the club. It’s 1am, I am tired, my feet ache and I feel like an old granny. I look around me. I’m wondering how I got here. It seemed like a good idea an hour ago, but then it took 45mins […]

Excuses for why it’s light at bedtime and why you need to go to sleep even when it’s not dark

It’s just the street lamps Your room gets dark first  What light? It’s dark!  Oh look. The moonlight!  Shut your eyes, and then it will be dark It’s only morning when mummy says so What do you mean there’s a black blanket on your window? […]

Sick Leave Mummy Style

When I used to fall unwell, before baby, although I felt rotten there was some slight excitement about being able to lie on the sofa in a lempsip stupor, watching Homes Under the Hammer and This Morning. Now, when I first feel the signs of […]

Dinner Time Showdown

When I get home from work, I always have that dreaded question in my head, and like clockwork, the question will be asked. It’s one of life’s mysteries, and one we all ponder on a daily basis. Question: What’s for dinner?  Answer: I don’t know […]

Reasons Not To Go To Bed – Toddler vs. Mum

 Toddler: It’s already morning (it’s not) Need a drink without water  Need to read the zoo book Need to go downstairs Need to sing ‘Old McDonald Had a Farm’ Legs sore Thumbs sore Upsy Daisy needs to go downstairs   Need to eat my toast […]