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For the love of Books

Book A Day: Favourite Book from Childhood #bookaday

My favourite book from childhood is a tough question. The books that stand out the most are Enid Blyton books – the Secret Seven and the Faraway Tree books. I had a few copies of my Dads from when he was little, they smelt fusty […]

Baby Says What? Baby’s first words and communication

Communication is amazing, isn’t it. Being able to express yourself, and also understand others is pretty immense. Seeing Bubs working out language is fascinating if also a little terrifying. One day last week, I was withering on to her whilst she had her dinner. I […]

What I’ve Read in December

This Month I’ve Read (December) This month I have managed to read 3 books, I am very pleased with this considering it was Christmas! I try my best not to give away any major plot spoilers! So, onto what I have read in December: Gone […]

Parragon Book Buddy’s Books Round Up

We love being Parragon Book Buddy’s. These last few months have been so busy we haven’t had time to tell you all about the books we have been trying, but I have really enjoyed them and so I thought I would do a round up […]

The Books of My Life

Books have played a big part of my life. My Mum always told me that you always have a friend with a book. Some books I read, and they fly out of my brain as soon as I’ve read the page. Others stay with me […]