Brookers – Prose for Thought


24 is the number
Red Door lingers in my mind
Roses rising colours bloom
Garden parties feel sun shine
Every wall could tell a story
Tears and laughter fun and games
The heart of the house
The home of my heart
Memories embellish every part
More than bricks and mortar
My soul feels safe within
It’s comforting skin
I close my eyes
and see you again
One day a new life will begin

Prose for Thought


Emily Tealady 2013

7 thoughts on “Brookers – Prose for Thought

  1. Verily Victoria Vocalises (Vevivos)

    I always know a good poem when I get goosebumps. They have all been like this today, including Brookers. I love the way you have reminisced about your childhood home. I do it all the time but not in poetry form this well :). Thank you so much for linking up to Prose For Thought xx


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