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Britmums Book Club: Clare Balding: My Animals and Other Family Review

Clare Balding

My Animals and Other Family

This is a heartwarming book. If you’ve ever had a pet, you will know how important they are to you in your life. Clare writes about her life, mentioning the pets that she has had along the way. It is fair to say her life is filled with animals, and many funny acedotes and major events involved them. Her Dad being a top racehorse trainer, she mingles and mixes with the racing elite, completely oblivious to any relevance or importance people may have. She even used to meet the Queen and ride a pony given to her by the Queen!

I am have enjoyed this book. I love reading anecdotes and tales of other peoples lives. It is much more entertaining than reading about a persons life from A -Z – this way, the interesting and unusual spring out form the page, important moments are highlighted – the boring bits (like anyones life) are skipped – and that is fine by me. You find out a lot about Clare and her family thorugh her tales – she doesn’t need to spell it out for you.

It reminds me of my childhood – I started thinking what tales would I mention in such a book? Clare has such a wealth of tales, some funny, some sad, and her experiences are something we can all relate to, albeit in slightly different surroundings. When I was younger, I used to feel that my pet dog, Tansey, was the only friend I had, and I would talk to her about everything. I can see from this book that Clare also felt this way. It is amaxing how animals can support you, protect you, and be there for you like no-on else can.

I have never really understood horse racing, but always enjoyed the Grand National, and whilst the book is very much concentrated on a lot of horsey things, and horse racing, it was easy enough to pick up and understand. In fact I found it all very interesting.

It was a delight to read, and I was almost sad when the book finishes, as Clare is at University. The Epilogue covers briefly what happens next, but in a way I’d love to read another book about Clare’s career at the BBC especially. I don’t know how she would do that in the same style though.

I would thoroughly recommend this book, it was a really good read.


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  • I loved this book too – I’m not even an animal lover but really enjoyed her tales especially about The Queen. I always hope that there will be a follow-up book – she has done so much since this was published. Visiting from #Britmumsbookclub

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