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Be Positive Before Bedtime


If you follow me on twitter, then you may have seen this pop up on my tweets, or maybe in your timelines. It is the brainchild of the lovely Jetta (@rainbowbryte) who came up with the idea a year ago! I am writing this post as part of her Linky celebrating #bepbb’s birthday!

I not only take part in #bepbb, I also host an evening (Monday) there are 7 of us that do this, every night of the week. Hosting means I retweet and comment on every person using the #bepbb hashtag. Spreading the positivity! You can read all about the Linky and how #bepbb started here.

Thinking of something positive in our day can be quite difficult. We are all so ready to start talking about the negatives that happened in our day. I love #bepbb as it makes me think positively! turning negatives into positives, thinking of something to make me smile about my day. I also love reading other people’s tweets, I love seeing people get stronger, happier and mentally more positive. People have been through really tough times and still can find something to be positive about – I really admire them and it puts my moans into perspective.

If you’ve never given it a go before, then try. It doesn’t have to be anything philosophical, or momentous – it can just be that you had a hot cup of tea today. What matters is you think of something relevant to you.

I am going to aim to take part every day from now on, and I want to collect all my #bepbb’s and look at them at the end of the year. How fab will that be? A whole load of positive!

I just want to say here, thanks Jetta for starting #bepbb and for letting me loose on a Monday. I only forgot once!


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