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A Year as a Mum: In Review

One year I have been a Mum.

How do I feel? I feel relieved that everything feels like its falling into place at last. That I have something called ‘Normal’ that I can relate to again, a baseline upon which to base my days.

Normal just went out the window when Bubs was born. I know they tell you that ‘Everything Changes’ and I was like ‘yeah yeah, of course it does’ but it does. It really does. My life turned upside down, and I had no fricking clue what was going on for a bit. But now, it feels OK.

Anyway so whilst the prosecco was working its way through my veins, after her little family get together, I thought of a few highs and low of the last year, to sort of recap what has happened so far. Sometimes writing things down like that can make you see things differently.

Highlights of the last year:

mastering the art of one handed-ness

being able to change a nappy on any surface (or lack of one)

being able to sleep sitting up and not let go of the baby

being able to string a sentence together after lack of sleep

that cup of tea and toast after giving birth – it’ll never be beaten

being able to do up a sleep suit in under 30 second whilst singing and doing the actions to ‘wind the bobbin up’

feeding bubs food that didn’t come out of a packet

talking to other Mums’ at a group and not dying of boredom

not crying as my house is overrun with toys

singing the entire theme tune of ‘cloud babies’ in one take

teaching Bubs to high-five

Lows of the last year:

booby milk leakages in public places

flashing my boob at the postman

eating food out of packets

eating Bubs’ leftovers from the mat on the floor

washing the bath with wet wipes

soft play centres – hell on earth

going to work with baby snot all over my trousers

singing the entire theme tune of ‘cloud babies’ in one take

my hair falling out and now growing back in ‘tufts’

not shaving my legs for 10 months

In Summary:

I think I’ve done a brilliant job. Just need to change my clothes more often and try to eat some vegetables (me, not the baby). I’d love to feel the elation that the tea and toast gave me, but without the birth bit, if that’s possible.

Here’s to another yummy mummy year!

What are your Mum highlights or lows? Let me know in the comments below!


15 thoughts on “A Year as a Mum: In Review”

  • What a lovely post! One of my highlights is teaching Erin to high five too, another is the day she said quack quack! The lows have to be all the heartache from her eczema but we are getting there. Glad N had a good birthday =] here’s to many more! xx

  • Omg! So many of your highs and lows are the same as mine. The post birth tea and toast is the best thing ever! I was off tea the entire pregnancy but as soon as Harley had popped out* (*was dragged out under protest) all I wanted was tea. It’s amazing stuff.
    Lows – also cleaning the bath with wet wipes

  • It is 30 years since I had my first child Emily, now universally known as ‘Nancy’s Mummy’. The review of her first year as a Mum is very insightful. How times have changed – but not much. I recall the tea and toast being just as welcoming. The difference between birth experiences though is amazing. When I had Emily there was none of this ‘Earth Mother bonding nonsense’, babies were born, washed given to Mum and/or Dad to hold for a bit then whisked away to ‘the nursery’ whereupon Mum was encouraged to bath and rest until ‘feeding time’. Sure enough, 4 hours later the bassinets on wheels were brought back with nurse bearing a bottle with instructions to feed baby. (I tried to breastfeed Emily but after 3 days she was starting to dehydrate so was put on the bottle PDQ – must be an inherited trait) After feeding, nappy change and cuddle, baby was then whisked away again until the next feed was due, this pattern repeated for the full 7 days (yes 7..) that we remained in the Maternity Home. Any visitors during the very strict visiting times had to look through the glass of the nursery wall where you would try to pick out your red faced, tightly wrapped infant from the rest. The big pink bow I tied to Emily’s bassinett helped enormousley here. Once home, of course, you found your feet and got on with it. Emily has coped marvellously with Nancy during this first year and the loving bond between them is lovely to see. Emily is doing things her way and I would never be one to interfere and only offer advice or opinion when asked. I love being a Granny and Nancy is such an easy child to love and lavish devotion on to. This year has flown by and I can only look forward to the next exciting year of being Nannie. I have stockpiled chocolate buttons in readiness! (Don’t tell Em though….)

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