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5 things I’ve learnt about my partner looking after the baby

I’ve learnt there are a few things I should have made sure my partner knew about looking after the baby when left in solo charge of the Bubba.

1. How to dress the baby – Yes, they may know the clothes go where, but layering may be a different thing entirely. I came home one day to find Bubs in a summer play suit, underneath a Pair of leggings and a dress. Another time, she had tights, a vest, leggings, a top and a jumper on.

2. What sort of things to eat – I came home another day to hear Bubs had eaten a veggie sausage, a vegetable finger….covered in last nights chilli. Chilli con vegetable finger? Hmmm

3. Don’t let the baby nap too long – if I am told quite proudly that baby has had a two and a half hour nap since 3.30pm, and that this meant he could complete a level on some game on the xbox, I know that I have a long night in front of me. And so does he.

4. Clean up as you go – I thought I’d been burgled when I came home one night. Every kitchen utensil had been used, the high hair still had breakfast strewn across it, a sea of toys had flooded my carpet. I’d forgotten what it used to be like in the beginning, and when he used to accuse me of doing nothing all day….

5. Always take spare clothing – hearing that your baby daughter had to be fashioned a sarong out of her coat because her dad had decided a small spot of dribble on her trousers was in fact nappy leakage, and that this incident occurred in a supermarket, I was just glad the baby would have no recollection of this in the future.

Lets see what the next week brings!

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  • Brilliant. And very familiar from the days when my husband looked after our boy one day a week while I went back to work. He didn’t like nappy changes on the go, but also didn’t like being at home with the Boy, so often there would not have been many nappy changes… As to point nr 4, I was worried for a minute that you had been to my house and seen how I leave the place on an average day.

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